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What some of our members have to say:

  Here's to you! Just wanted to drop a note to you and tell you how important has become to me as I plan my dog's campaign. I appreciate the depth of your program and all the little details like judge changes and breed counts. I send friends to your site all the time. Great job! - Lori Pierson - Firecreek Smooth Fox Terriers.

  I was referred by (a friend), and it's everything she said it would be. Love it. I'm promoting it to friends and I'm sure they will love it, too. It is saving us so much pain and agony trying to keep track of things. - Alan Long
 Love the site! It does all the things in one place that I was spending a ridiculous amount of time organizing myself. Thank you! - Pat Flanagan Borracci - Dunkirk Mastiffs
  I continue to be amazed at how much simpler life is since you started this service. It saves me countless hours of drilling through AKC's maze for information, and I am forever grateful to you for providing the show community with virtually instant access in an accessible format. Many thanks, Elaine Hanson, Dachshunds

  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent site that you have developed. I have recommended it to so many people and have suggested strongly that they pay the small fee that you ask. It is a real work of dedication and is so useful to those of us who have positions of responsibility with our breed clubs. - Anne Carson - Twelfth Night Dachshunds
This is awesome! - Daina Hodges, Standfast Spinonis
Way Cool! - Karen Tewart, Bellwether Collies
Can't do without it! - Susan Brewster, SpiceWind Sighthounds
It's a brilliant site! - Martha Ryan, Winter Dream Kennel
Saves me so much time! - Diane Ashburn, Whitestar Papillons
Your site is so incredibly easy to use. - Carol Mesa, Mesa Shelties
 I can not sing it's praises loud enough! - Penny King, Professional Handler
We wonder how we ever got along without it. - Kathy, Victory GSDs
You should have done this sooner! - Mary Ann Bruton, Celebrate
I live and breathe by ShowDays! - Joyce Polak, PWDs
I canít be without Showdays. - Pattie Zielke, Havanese
Has made my life so much easier. - Lacy Bauer, Jelacy Kennels
I don't know what I did before without your site. - Dee Hinkle, Havanese
I keep finding new things! - Kathleen Sullivan, Chinese Cresteds
My gosh, what a super fantastic site!
I am writing a glowing report about for my breed magazine.
I am also sending the link to every dog person I know. Thank you.
- Dorothy Christiansen, Lynnlea Shelties
Thank you for all your hard work on ShowDays - we use it daily
and it is very helpful for planning our show schedule.
Your immediate replies when we hit a snag are greatly appreciated as well.
Thank you for such a valuable tool - one we have grown dependent upon.
- Jim & Lynn Caswell, Wavemaker Staffords
 Just love to have everything I need to make decisions regarding shows in one site! is a user friendly program.
Thanks for creating and maintaining such a great help for the dog show family.
- Linda & Don Chilson, Shelties

  I just wanted to say that this is the BEST website for dog shows I have seen! . . . Your website puts it all together in a very user friendly format. I am not the type of person that usually sends emails regarding websites, so that speaks volumes. Thank you for a wonderful website. I have emailed it to all of the breed groups I am a part of and they are all very excited to check it out.
Heather Dawson, Flatcoats
Every time I think you have made it the best thing ever, you improve the site!!!! I AM THRILLED.
When I think of something, every time you have it all nailed you go one step further. THANK YOU for making a painful business not painful at all!!! SHOWDAYS RULES!!!!
Suzanne Orban-Stagle

I hope you know how much your web site is loved!!! And how easy it is to work with you.
Thank you, it is appreciated so much. - Nancy Yeoman, Dachshunds
You have no idea how much I rely on your site. THANK YOU for this amazing service! - Margaret Noble, Bostons
I use Show Days at least weekly and love it. - Lori Pendergast, Pendragon Shiba Inu
This site is like a right hand for me !!! I can't function without this site !!
Thank you !!! - Kent and Robin MacFarlane, Ridgebacks, Professional Handlers
I LOVE what ShowDays has to offer. I use it all the time and continue to learn how even more useful this website can be to me.
THANK YOU for doing all that you have done! - Kathy Patrick, Bellatak Havanese
Still my "go-to" for everything website. So easy, my clients can easily use as much, or as little, as they need/want. Love this site!!
Kudos, and sincere THANK YOU for taking the time and energy for creating and maintaining this gem! - Penny King, Professional Handler
I find your site very helpful in planning shows and never fail to recommend it to friends! - Curtis Rowe, Trump Pugs
Have I told you recently how invaluable your online service is? Thank you so very much for providing it to us exhibitors!
The Sport of Showing Dogs is so much more easier than it was years ago with your service! - Tom Laurie, Kashan Kennel

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