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If you have a good comprehensive knowledge of the judges for your breed(s) and group,
we encourage you to join this distinguished panel if you are qualified.
Conformation: 10-10-10
  • At least ten years experience showing dogs you bred.
  • Handling at least ten class dogs to their championship.
  • At least ten group placements with you as handler.
  • Attending around 50 shows per year for the last few years.
    (exceptions for people with handling limitations)
  • Performance
    For performance events and judges, it's hard to have set rules. So if you feel you have extensive experience in a particular performance arena (obedience, agility, rally, etc.), send us an email with your basic qualifications, and we'll consider you - with a predisposition to be favorable.

    Note: The above are general guidelines. We will make exceptions when it seems appropriate (minor, not major). For example, if your breed is one that rarely places in group. So if you consider yourself very knowledgable about judges yet technically not qualified by these criteria, please send an email explaining your situation. If you prefer to not handle yourself, you may still be considered if you go to a lot of shows and observe the judging closely.

    To join the panel, send us an email describing your qualifications, including a short narrative to be displayed on this page.
    Judge Experts receive free access to the Advanced Features for actively participating.

    Why join?
    Because the quality of judging at dog shows is important. This is your opportunity to have an effect on judges and judging, to improve our sport, to let judges know that someone with experience and integrity is paying attention and reporting to the fancy at large. If you are not willing to act with the intention of having an effect, do you really have the right to complain about judging?

    It is our intention to be completely responsible, to proceed with integrity, with nothing except the interest of show dogs and dog showing in mind.
    We invite people planning shows to review the public evaluations and recommendations of this expert panel in hiring judges.

    This panel is open to Professional Handlers.
    It is also open to judges, if they are still actively exhibiting on a regular basis.

      See Judge Rankings.         See Guidelines & Commentary on the Judge Rating System.         See Articles on Judging.  

    JEEP - Judge Expert Evaluation Panel - Members
    Expert NameKennelQualifications
    1Adrienne Freyer
    Black Hills, SD
    Kyllburg KomondorsHas been actively showing Komondors for 18 years as a breeder/owner/handler. Has bred 8 champions & finished 12, including the 2002 Pedigree award winner, 2 National specialty BOS winners, 2 WD & 1 WB at the National, plus numerous Awards of Merit. Has had close to 20 group wins/placements as handler. Also finished 1 Siberian, 2 Vizslas, 1 Ridgeback, & 1 Spinoni Italiano. Is an officially recognized Komondor Club of America breed mentor.
    2Alan Leff
    San Francisco, CA
    Dynasty KeeshondenAlan has been showing for over 40 years, starting at age 12. Has finished many champion Keeshonden, English Cockers, Dachshunds, Shiba Inu's, and Cavaliers. Started as Ray McGinnis' assistant, and worked for them for many years. Has owned a BIS English Setter, Group winning Long Hair Dachshunds, Group and specialty winning English Cockers, 3 Best In Show Keeshonden, and handled group winning Silky Terrier and Cavalier. Has owned 4 Hall of Fame Keeshonden. Website:
    3Allene Black
    Colorado/New Mexico
    Gwynedd Old English SheepdogsI am owned by and bred OES for over 30 years. I have BIS, Multi Group placing, as well as Multiple Country Champion dogs. My dogs were owner handled at CRUFTS, and Euro OES shows as well as thru out Central America. My Bitch was BIS from the Open Class to finish her Canadian Championship. I have Multiple Champions from Canada to South America..FCI,FCM,AKC,CKC and PanAmerican Champions. I am not a high quantity breeder but a quality breeder, breeding only every 2 or 3 years.
    4Amy Peterson
    NW, IL
    Elvbend ElkhoundsAmy has been an Elkhound fancier, exhibitor, and breeder since 2000. Elvbend Elkhounds has produced Group winners and placers as well as Specialty award winners. Mrs. Peterson has bred and handled numerous Elkhounds to their championship, including champions from the Puppy classes as well as the Bred-By-Exhibitor classes. She has multiple owner-handled Group placments. She has assisted with the handling of other breeds, including Belgian Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Bedlington Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Bulldogs. Mrs. Peterson was fortunate to have judged the Futurity and Maturity sweepstakes at the 2010 Norwegian Elkhound Nationals.
    5Andrea EricksonKivalina SiberiansHas been showing Siberians over 35 years, produced close to 60 champions. Handled and finished many of her own dogs, with numerous group placements. Is a mentor for the parent club, the Siberian Husky Club of America. Has also had a top ranked PON.
    6Bolivia Powell
    Dallas, TX
    Tejas Miniature SchnauzersMiniature Schnauzers for over 30 years, strictly a breeder/owner/handler, several top 10 & top 20, AOMs at Westminster and Eukanuba, in 2005 had 2 (different colors) in the top 10 and the #1 of color, has been attending 40-45 weekends a year for a number of years, multiple Specialty Winners, Best in Sweeps and Best Opposite at National.
    7Carol Arbuthnot
    Mesa, AZ
    Sapphires Bernese and PWDCarol has bred and shown Bernese Mountain Dogs for 12 years and Portuguese Water Dogs for 8 years - including one of the Top Producing Bernese bitches in the history of the breed (13 champion offspring), and has bred 4 Top Producing bitches and the first BMD littermates to go All Breed BIS. At Eukanuba won Bred-By and a BBE G2 and several other Awards of Merit over the years, owner handled BMD male and won breed at the Canadian National Specialty from the Bred-By class, owner handled a Bernese in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and put championships on him in all countries making him the only US Nordic CH Bernese in the US. Currently has the #1 BMD and Working Dog in Sweden and the #2 BMD in the US (littermates). Owner handled PWD bitch to Best Bred-By at the National and a Bred-By BIS in 2010. Is on the board and very active in the Superstition KC and also in the Fiesta Cluster.
    8Carol Dry
    Detroit, MI
    Rising Star Min PinsCarol has been showing Miniature Pinschers in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years, has finished over 30 champions, has experience with showing other breeds.
    9Carole Rerko
    Bucyrus, OH
    Wannabee Min PinsWith her husband, Ken, has been breeding and showing Miniature Pinschers for over ten years in Bucyrus, Ohio, have produced 60+ champions, including BISA, BISS, Multiple Top 10 AKC Ranking, the #1 MinPin in 2006, Sire/Dam of the Year, Hall of Fame and Honor Roll Sire/Dams, most dogs to appear in the MPCA Top 20 since its inception. Featured in articles for Top Notch Toy magazine and the Canine Chronicle. Website is
    10Carolyn Brandenburg
    Gallatin, TN
    Kalos PomsShowing since 1998. Bred 16 champions (13 US, 2 Russian/Belarus GR CH and 1 Australian multiple BIS & BISS, #1 Pom, #3 Toy), 4 BISS, one Eukanuba Best BBE & BOB, nationally ranked for 3 years, 5 AOM including one at National Specialty, 13 group placements. Breed mentor for several years.
    11Carri J Lindblom Borisch
    Northern, IL
    Thistledown BMDsCarrie has been showing in AKC for over 35 years, starting as a junior handler who qualified for Westminster. Actively involved in Bernese Mountain Dogs for over 28 years, handling and finishing all of her own dogs, with numerous group placements. Also finished 3 Vizsla championships. Has served on judges selection committees numerous times and was show chairman for the BMDCA national specialty. Member of BMDCA, BMDCSEW, Kishwaukee KC and Forest City Dog Training Club and has served as an officer in most of those clubs.
    12Cathy Rogers
    Florence, KY
    Camio TerriersI have been involved in exhibiting AKC dogs for over 40 years; breeding and owner handling Norwich Terriers for over 30 years, and Miniature Schnauzers prior to that. In four of the past 8 years Camio Norwich Terriers have been breeder owner handled to Top Ten rankings. I have spent a lot of time at shows, observing the ins and outs of showing dogs. As an owner handler, the importance of judge integrity is paramount. I am excited about helping to promote purebred dogs and conscientious judging.
    13Cheryl Boice
    St. Pauls, NC
    Cherbo Japanese ChinsCheryl has had over 38 champions, also shows Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, to name a few. Website is
    14Christiana Gaburri
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Rosebery OESHas raised and shown OES for 30 years, has bred about 30 champions, all owner handled. Has been a breed mentor since the inception of the program and served as JEC coordinator of the OES national club. Has done the OES program at the judges’ institute. Has had five OES's ranked in the top twenty. Judged sweeps at the National Specialty plus about 10 other sweepstakes, many all breed matches and few match assignments in other breeds. Has been active in the National breed club and president of her local breed club.
    15Cindy Cooke
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Anstamm Scottish TerriersHas been breeding and exhibiting Scottish Terriers for over 30 years in partnership with Miriam "Buffy" Stamm, AKC Terrier Breeder of the Year 2008. Has finished close to 100 champions. Has owner-handled two #1 all-systems Scottish Terriers, the only owner-handler besides Buffy to do this in the past 40 years. Has owner-handled numerous specialty point, BOS and BOB winners, including the Best of Breed winner from the Open Bitch class at Montgomery County in 1988. Owner-handled a winner at every Rotating national specialty for the past 5 years. Author of "The New Complete Scottish Terrier" published in 1996 by Howell books, and a designated judge mentor for Scottish Terriers.
    16David K. Qualls, D.V.M.
    Jacksonville, FL
    Indigo SiberiansBreeder 33 years, 112 AKC Champions to date, 31 Owner Handled All Breed Best in Shows. Approved Judge (Siberian Huskies) for 15 years, Judged National Specialty 1998, Won National Specialty 1986. Website: Email:
    17Debby Jahnke, WIStardan SamoyedsHas been showing for 35+ years, started as a Jr. Has bred, owned and handled over 45 champions, and campaigned numerous Samoyeds, Newfies, Keeshond and AmEskies to Top 10. Interned under Non-Sporting Handler and started handling Professionally in 1980. Received over 100 Group Placements, over 20 Specialty Honors, All Breed and Specialty BIS winners. website:
    18Deborah YeagerBlack RidgeBreeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Belgian Sheepdogs, has been handling, exhibiting for over 15 years - incl Cavaliers, Australian Shepherds, Rottweilers, Corgis, Collies, German Shepherds. Currently specialing multiple group placing, multiple A.O.M. American and Canadian Ch. Has earned many obedience and rally titles.
    19Dennis Kniola (Deceased), OHShalreignIn showing for 45 years, Dennis has with his wife finished over 1000 champions in 109 different breeds, including 25 BIS dogs. Has owned and bred champions in several breeds including Lakeland Terriers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in which they remain active along with West Highland White Terriers. Other breeds which they have owned and bred include Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Dachshunds, Pugs, English Cocker Spaniels, Bull Terriers and Lhasa Apsos. Now a judge with 70 breeds, Dennis continues to show.
    20Diane Stille
    Hudson, CO
    Elante AfghansHas been involved in Afghan Hounds for 20 years, managed a premier Afghan kennel for ten years. For the past thirteen years, she has shown and bred Bedlington Terriers, finishing 12 with several more very close. Bred/owned the 2002 Pedigree Top Producing Bedlington Bitch, bred/owned/handled the 2006 WB at the BTCA National Specialty, bred/owned the Sweeps BOS at the 2007 National Specialty, plus the Best in Sweeps at the 2007 floating National specialty. Has produced three breeder/owner handled group winners, with multiple group placements. All of her dogs are owner handled. Website is:
    21Donna Bennett
    Liberty Akitas & WhippetsAn active participant in the fancy for over 20 yrs, Donna enjoys dogs at all levels. On weekends when not showing, she can be found straight racing, or lure coursing with the whippets. Donna takes great pride in handling many of her own dogs to their championships out of the bred by class.
    22Donna Hills RN, MSN, CNS
    Atlanta, GA
    Bravo! TerriersDonna has been showing/winning in dogs since Nov 1988 (24 years), finishing over 25 miniature schnauzers, 3 wire fox terriers, 3 border terriers and a norwich. She has earned points on over half of the terrier group. Currently she shows Miniature Schnauzers, Irish Terriers and Havanese as Breeder/Owner/Handler. She has successfully mentored several breeders. Donna is also a talented educator.
    23Dr. Gerry G. Meisels
    Thonotosassa, FLORIDA
    White OaksHe and his family have shown, bred, and imported West Highland White Terriers for almost 50 years, finished over 50, several of whom were campaigned to top 10. They also imported, bred and showed Norwich Terriers and had the No. 1 Norwich for two years. Other breeds in which they have shown and finished dogs include Cocker Spaniels, Lhasa Apso, ShihTzu, and Standard Poodles. He has been licensed to judge all Terriers since 1986, and serves as Chairman of the AKC Judges’ Education Committee of the West Highland White Terrier Club of America, and is a contributing writer for the Canine Chronicle.
    24Elaine Summerhill, NMDM GreyhoundsElaine as been showing for 11 years, also loves coursing, with 4 dual champions and many awards. She bred and co-owns the number 7 ranked Greyhound with 15 group placements. Recently went to England and got a British BISS. Has finished champions in other sighthound breeds for friends - Borzoi, Saluki, Harriers, and Irish Wolfhound.
    25Garnett Thompson
    Hattiesburg, MISSISSIPPI
    Sunburst BorzoiHas been in Borzoi for 35 years, currently has the number one Borzoi in the US, bred and co-own Multiple BIS and BISS Ch, has conf & perf Champions in many countries. Working on provisional judging license. "My passion is to improve our breed for the future." Web site is
    26Jane Gentzen
    Chino Valley, AZ
    Courage Rhodesian RidgebacksAfter moving to Arizona in 1987, I obtained my first RR. Since then loving Ridgebacks has been a 25 year affair. Over these years I have constantly been a conformation exhibitor, owner/handler, breeder, lure course enthusiast, and obedience trainer. From my first RR puppy to the present Courage pack, Courage Ridgebacks and I are out there, gaining friends and winning titles. As my love for this breed grew, also has my love for other breeds I have learned about from attending shows. I am truly blessed to have access to people willing to mentor and train my eye to find the positives in many breeds. Involved in our national breed club, RRCUS, for over 22 years, I mentor many newbies to Ridgebacks. I also serve in a local All breed club on the BOD; Superstition Kennel Club.
    Judging has taught me to be more humble as an exhibitor, and when I judge, appreciative of the opportunity to see the dogs enter the ring. I understand the first hand joy of winning Group placements, Best of Breeds, or Winners or releasing an enthusiastic Ridgeback onto a lure course. I also, take the task of awarding placements seriously. Dozens of Courage Champions has not made me immune to the thrill of seeing a good dog win... whether it is mine or one of my worthy fellow breeders/exhibitors.
    27Jennie D Behles
    Los Lunas, NM
    Ahmahr Nahr BasenjisHas been a basenji breeder/handler for 15 years, has had Top Dogs in U.S. and Canada, currently owns the World Champion, has had Westminster & Eukanuba AOMs, is a licensed coursing judge, has had two Crufts placers and many world show, Sicalam and FCI champs, has finished an average of 4 breed dogs a year. Website is
    28Jennie Duhon
    Royston, GA
    Taliesin Collies & SheltiesHas shown Collies & Shelties for 20 years and finished well over 25 as a handler and/or owner and/or breeder. Her dogs have attained such awards as BOS, WB, and RWB at the national specialty on numerous occasions. Last year, she campaigned the #2 Rough Collie to well over 20 group placements, including 7 group ones, also Best Opp at Westminster 2007.
    29Jennifer L. Van Niman
    Lawton, MI
    J-Lyn Miniature DachshundsJennifer has been showing and breeding miniature dachshunds for 20 years with 23 champions, 20 from the bred by class and 3 with their grand championship, all handled exclusively by her. 2013 #1 longhair mini, #2 longhair bitch, #9 longhair dachshund; Inaugural Owner/Handled Group winner 2013. 2014 #1 longhair & #3 smooth owner/handled, 2014 #1 UKC dachshund.
    30Joseph B Gentzel
    Jefferson, GA
    Aneto Great PyreneesHas shown and bred Great Pyrenees over 35 years. The entire family is deeply involved in the sport. Has been Vice President of the Great Pyrenees Club of America, a breed mentor, and has authored a breed book on the Great Pyrenees. Exhibit at over 100 shows a year for many years. Has finished roughly 100 champions, including top breed and group winners.
    31Juanita Imperiale, MIImperiale Great Danes
    and French Bulldogs
    Over 12 years breeding & showing, bred and finished 3 Great Danes from BBE classes, professionally handled and finished 17 other Great Danes - 14 in one year. Has finished 12 Frenchies of her breeding, two ranked in the top five in 2 countries. Won FBDCA National Specialty Sweepstakes 3 times. Twice Winners Bitch BOW at National Specialty plus RWD and RWB twice each. Pedigree Brood Bitch of the year award, Eucanuba Award of merit. Is on the Board of FBRL holding the office of Breed Education.
    32Karen Dewey, NHSoonipi HoundsKaren has been in bloodhounds for 22 years - producing 39 pups in limited breeding. 18 achieved AKC CH and she personally handled 8 of those dogs to their CH. 7 have been multiple Group placing dogs and 2 have been multiple BIS dogs. She is currently Breeder/Owner/Handler campaigning a dog who is ranked in the top 3 to 4 weekly ( in all breed and breed. He was recently BIS Owner/Handled at the Long Island Kennel Club.
    33Karen TracyLiontamer-Pazzazz ChowsChow Breeder for 12 years, bred over 20 champions. Produced the # 1 Chow Bitch in two countries three years ago, produced the only bitch to win the Chow Breed at Eukanuba, also produced a male that won breed at Eukanuba, wrote an article for a Chow book, has breed several dogs that have won Specialites and won awards at Westminster and have multiple group placements. Website:
    34Kathleen M Brewer
    Roanoke, TX
    Kanis TerriersHas been showing Boston Terriers since 1985 with over 10 Champions and Norfolk Terriers since 2003 with 4 Champions. Has also shown and finished Norwich Terriers and Portuguese Waterdogs.
    35Kelly CanhamCameron BeardiesOver 25 years of breeding and showing Bearded Collies, over 30 champions U.S. or Canadian, 15 Group Ones in 2003 alone (1 BIS), 2002 Top Beardie BCCC, 2003 Top 10 Herding dog. Always owner handled.
    36Kristina Sherling
    Sierras' Tibetan MastiffsHas been involved with Tibetan Mastiffs for 30 years.The breed has only been recognized by the AKC since 2007, but she has a long history of participation and is now a judge. Website:
    37Libby Naimo
    Jackson, NJ
    Kismet English Springer SpanielsLibby has been in English springer spaniels for 20 years, having shown many of her own breeding. She is a judge of ESS (and a few other breeds) and has been on the judges education committee for years. She has given springer seminars at the Spaniel club, the national specialty and seminars for the Assoc of Dog Show Judges. Website:
    38LoAnne Miller
    Marietta, GA
    Skyefall BasenjisLoAnne has been an active participant in the basenji breed since 1997, producing 10+ AKC champions as owner/breeder/handler, as well as several lure coursing champions. Her dogs have attained placements at the National Specialty on numerous occasions. Campaigned her 1st Bred By Champion to the Top 10 List. Most recently began participating in UKC with several group placements. LoAnne previously held positions on the Board of Directors, and a Show Chairman for several years at one of the largest show clusters in the South.
    39Lori Sargent
    Charlotte, MI
    Windswept WirehairsShown dogs for over 25 years, finished more than 15 dogs in the past 14 years, has had German Wirehaired Pointers for 13 years and has shown many breeds of dogs professionally for 8 years, an AKC Registered Handler specializing in sporting dogs and hounds
    40Lynn & Vince Zagarella
    Elizabeth, CO
    Ragtyme BeardiesHave shown and bred Bearded Collies for 20 years. Owner handled two time National Specialty winner. Owners of the All Time Top Sire in the breed. Have finished 33 Champions, bred 60, including 4 Specialty winners and 1 multiple BIS dog. Have owner handled several dogs into top ten standings in breed and all breed rankings and have bred 11 multiple group winning/placing Beardies. Web site is
    41Lynn Knapp, WAProfessional Handler12 years showing competitively, Specializing in Miniature Pinschers, Italian Greyhounds, Chinese Cresteds. Professionaly handling many breeds for the past 8 years, with experience in just about every group. Website is
    42Marianne Jackson
    Tolleson, AZ
    Smok'n Lad MastiffsMarianne has been showing dogs since 1967 - started with Old English Sheepdogs, then Bassets, and the last 38 years has been in Mastiffs. She has produced over a hundred champions in four different countries, having finished personally 20 plus dogs. She has bred and shown National BISS winners, BOB at Westminster, Muli- group winners. Marianne is currently President of Kachina Kennel Club and Vice-President Working Dog Club of Arizona, also an AKC Breeder of Merit.
    43Mary Merlo
    Mastic Beach, NY
    Evergreen Irish SettersHas been a breeder/owner/handler for thirty years, has finished many champions and has shown Best in Show and National Specialty Breed winners.
    44Mary C. Lamphier
    White Post, VA
    Erinfyr SettersHas been breeding Setters for nearly 30 years, and has shown consistently during that time. Has finished approximately 40 owner handled champions, Irish, Gordon and English Setters, as well as German Shorthair Pointers, Bouvier ds Flandres and Shibu Inu. She is the proud mother of a top ranked junior handler.
    45Mary Ellen Guy
    Tallahassee, FL
    Lemark BerneseMary Ellen has been showing Bernese Mountain Dogs for fifteen years and has finished 20 champions. Before Berners, she showed and finished Shetland Sheepdogs starting in the late 70s. Has been show chair for regional and national specialties.
    46Mary Zitek
    Olmsted Falls, OH
    Nutrageous BloodhoundsMary has been showing Bloodhounds over 16 years. Handled and finished many of her own dogs, with numerous group placements, BIS and BISS. Is a mentor for the parent club, The American Bloodhound Club of America. Has had top ranked Bloodhounds.
    47Matthew Townsend
    Mebane, NC
    Sforzando Leonbergers Matt, with his partner Susan Townsend, has shown and bred Leonbergers for twenty years and has been honored to exhibit the #1 bitch in the country multiple times. He has shown four generations of champions since AKC recognition of the Leonberger. While breed and All-Breed successes have happened, we are most proud of our successes at specialty shows and success in NOHS - occupying the top breed spot most years and having numerous OHBIS wins. A licensed judge, Matt spends a fair amount of time watching the judges work while learning the working breed standards and is happy to contribute to members of the fancy who use this resource.
    48Norma BaughAmron Silky TerriersBred and exhibited Yorkshire Terriers, Australian Terriers and Eng Springer Spaniels before settling in with Silky Terriers exclusively. Bred and exhibited the #1 Silky Terrier in the U.S. and has bred and finished over 100 Silky's in past 20+ yrs. Exported many great winning Silkys to England (top producer), Ireland (top winning), Finland and Canada (2 Silkys that were #1 each for 2 yrs consecutive). Has been a show chair involved with hiring judges for multiple clubs. Website is
    49Pam Hulsey
    Tomball, TX
    Marquis Chinese CrestedsPam has shown dogs competitively in conformation since 1975. Her original breed was Brittanys where she achieved many awards, group placements, dual championships, hunting titles, and 18 homebred champions. Changed to Chinese Cresteds in 1997 and finished her first CC at 7 months of age and kept him ranked in the top 10 for 5 consecutive years…finally retiring him after his win of 1st AOM at Westminster. Has put championship titles on at least 16 cresteds to date. Of which over half are homebred. Also owns a Dam of Merit for her accomplishments of producing champions. Has handled numerous breeds for other people completing championship, grand championship titles, and group placements.
    50Pamela Preston
    Shingle Springs, CA
    ChriMaso Boston TerriersPamela has shown Boston Terriers since 2001 and Great Danes a couple years prior to that. With limited breeding, she's produced and finished 10 bred by champions as well as 3 additional Bostons that she owns. Her first BBE champion also competed in numerous countries around the world earning a dozen titles from countries on 3 different continents and becoming the most titled Boston in the U.S. One of her top winning Bostons was ranked in the top 3 for three years in a row, was a BOB winner at Eukanuba, and a BIS winner (which is rare for a Boston Terrier). Additionally, she is a BTCA-approved Judges Mentor and an AKC-approved New Exhibitor Mentor. She is also a featured columnist in one of the Boston Terrier breed publications.
    51Paula DempseyOakley English SettersEnglish Setters for 39 years, bred or owner handled 98 champions to date incl Best In Show, Best in Specialty, National Specialty BOB, just approved to judge English Setters, also owns & shows English Cocker Spaniels. Vice President of the newly established Rainier Sporting Dog Club, has given breed seminars, grooming seminars and judged many sweepstakes in various breeds. Website is
    52Paula ODonnell, FLTelltail Cardigan CorgisHas been breeding and showing Cardigan Welsh Corgis for almost 20 years. Started in Obedience receiving the prodigious Dog World Award with her first Cardigan. Was High In Trial at the Cardigan National Specialty. Has shown and finished in excess of 30 champions and has had two # 1 dogs and others in the top 10. Has bred and shown WD, BOW and Best Bred By at the Cardigan National in 2009 and 2010.
    53Penny King, WASHINGTONHas been showing dogs since she was eight, a professional handler since 1990, has finished multiple dogs in all seven groups, including many group placements, wins and bests (all-breeds as well as Nationals).
    54Robin Rhoden
    Westminster, CO
    Aspen ElknoundsHas shown Elkhounds since 1994, breeding since 1997. Owner/exhibitor of 20 Champions, breeder of 29, 4 Grand Champions, 10 Group Winners, 14 Group Placers, Home to 10 Top 10 Elkhounds, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 Top Winning Bitches, All-Breed Best In Show Winner, Multiple Specialty Winners, NEAA National Specialty AOM Recipients,
    55Sandi Weldon
    California Central Coast, CA
    MonAmi Belgian TervurenSandi has been involved in Belgian breeds since 1988, although Tervuren are her main breed. She has also owned and shown Malinois and Sheepdogs. She has bred 30 champions to date and her dogs are almost always owner handled. She has won numerous group placements and National Specialty Select awards. She also shows in obedience, rally and agility.
    56Sandra Anderson, CANADAChess Scottish TerriersSandra has been showing and judging for over 30 years, with more than 40 champions and many specialty winners - all owner handled and conditioned. In 2010 she handled a homebred Scottish Terrier to #1 in Canada. Sandra has trained Scotties and other breeds in obedience, agility, rally and earthdog events, as well as therapy visitations. Sandra is past president and show chairman of Rideau Terrier club, a 35-year member of the Scottish Terrier club of America and the Canadian Scottish Terrier club, and a founding member of the Chateaugay Valley Kennel Club. She has given breed presentations to judges groups and mentored new judges. Other breeds she has owned or bred include Scottish Deerhounds, Wirehaired Fox Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Lakeland Terriers and Weimaraners.
    57Serena Galloway, COAnkhu Italian GreyhoundsSerena has been involved in Italian Greyhounds for 14 years, Breeder of 18 Champions, has also finished 10 dogs as owner but not breeder. Active in the AKC, UKC, CKC and IABCA with many Group Wins, and placements. Has shown at Eukanuba and Westminster KC with success in both venues. Active in both AKC and UKC All Breed clubs and support both venues. Also firm believer in public access health test results....and strive to have CHIC # on all dogs. Dogs are mostly Owner Handled - rarely uses a handler.
    58Sharon S. Johnson, COPrairiefire BerneseHas been showing and breeding Prairiefire Bernese Mountain Dogs for 20 years, judged Sweepstakes at this year's National Specialty (190 Puppy and Veterans), has produced 29 home bred champions, handled one to multiple best in shows, bred 5 top producers of champions, has had four AKC Top 10 Bernese, several BISS.
    59Sheri Wright
    Walsenburg, CO
    Bralin SiberiansHas 22 years experience breeding, exhibiting and handling Siberian Huskies, has completed 20 championship titles, is a "Ringside Mentor" and is applying for judging license. Web site is
    60Susan Legg
    Henderson, MD
    Broadcreek MalinoisSusan has been showing dogs for 30 yrs. She has had the #1 Malinois for 21 yrs. She has also top ranked 2 German Shepherds and finished over 200 champions. Has shown and put points on breeds in every group.
    61Susan Nikkel
    San Diego, CA
    Clear Sky PapillonsBegan showing Siberians in 1964. Bred/Handled/Owned BIS Siberian and provided foundation bitches for two kennels who produced National Specialty Winners. Judge since 1994. Published in several breed magazines both conformation and obedience. Began showing Papillons in 1979 Breeder/Owner handler/Judge since 1994. Also breeder/owner/handler for Maltese and Chinese Crested. Only breed and show Papillons at this time.
    62Susan PlouffAdagio Italian Greyhounds26 years in the sport, finished 18 champions in 3 breeds, applying for AKC judges license.
    63Terry Rothell
    Enumclaw, WA
    WOW PomzHas bred and exhibited Pomeranians for over 12 years, added Miniature Pinschers 5 years ago and Chinese Cresteds 3 years ago, began handling all the Toy Breeds for outside clients just over 7 years ago. Has finished many Champions and handled almost every breed in the Toy Group. "I feel I am extremely familiar with the Judges doing the Toy Group."
    64Tracy Burdick
    Hughesville, MD
    Denzel PapillonsStarted showing as a junior, over 30 years ago; had the Papillon breed’s first CH UDT and was the Papillon Club of America’s Top Jr. Showman. Now breeder-owner-handler with 175 homebred champions plus numerous obedience & tracking titles. Biggest winner had 5 BIS & 25 Group 1's. Judged Sweepstakes at the Papillon National Specialty, and has shown several other breeds for friends. Website:
    65Trudy Golden-Akins
    Little Rock/Jacksonville, AR
    Golden TouchTrudy has been showing for over 25 years and is now a professional handler. Her own main breed now is Pointers, but has had several other breeds. Web site is
    66Walter L. Bloom
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Hagar's BulldogsWalter is a Bulldog Breeder and Exhibitor for 25 years, and now Judge. He has two Bulldog Bitches in the Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame, he and his wife are in the BCA Breeders Hall of Fame. He is certified as a Mentor by the BCA. He has judged Bulldogs in The United Kingdom and Bulldogs and French Bulldogs in Denmark. He's judged many Bulldog specialties, one Boston Terrier Specialty and all breed shows in the US, and has attended several AKC Judging Seminars. Walter is a retired Secondary Education Teacher.

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