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This is mostly for articles about judging, but if you have other important articles, we'll make space for that.

  • Article about the ShowDays Judge Evaluation Facility by Bo Bengston - Dogs in Reivew, January 08

  • Educating Judges by Dr. Gerry Meisels, part 5 - Canine Chronicle October 07
  • Advocating Change by Dr. Gerry Meisels, part 4 - Canine Chronicle August 07
  • Enhancing Credibility of Judging by Dr. Gerry Meisels, part 3 - Canine Chronicle July 07
  • Absolute Power of Judges by Dr. Gerry Meisels, part 2 - Canine Chronicle June 07
  • Thank God for Bad Judges by Dr. Gerry Meisels, part 1 - Canine Chronicle May 07
  • Why We Show by Dr. Gerry Meisels - Canine Chronicle April 07

  • Seeking Balance in Judging by Gretchen Bernardi - Canine Chronicle September 07
  • They Asked the Fancy and We Answered by Gretchen Bernardi, part 2 - Canine Chronicle August 07
  • Survey on Judging by Gretchen Bernardi, part 1 - Canine Chronicle July 07

  • Inside the Mind of a Judge by Jon Kimes
  • Judging and Its Effect on Breeding by John Kimes
  • Faultlessness vs. Virtue by Jon Kimes
  • If you're interested in the quality and enhancement of judging, please check out our Judge Expert Evaluation Panel (JEEP).

      See Commentary on the Judge Rating System.  
    "Bad judging is a serious matter. It puts the future of the sport at risk because it creates the image that conformation competition lacks integrity and objectivity, and that it is highly political. That drives away participants, discourages newcomers, and besmirches shows’ public image. It may well play a role in declining entries. Most steady exhibitors and professional handlers know of numerous instances. No matter how difficult, the problem needs to be addressed on an objective and unbiased basis." - Dr. Gerry Miesels
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