Tips of the Day
If the size of the text on the screen is too large or too small, you can change the text size in your browser.
Under the "View" pull-down menu, there will be an option for "text size" or equivalent.
When printing a report, you will probably want to make the text size as small as possible,
depending on how many judge columns you have enabled.
The paper will accompdate longer lines if it is printed in "landscape" mode, rather than "portrait" mode.
If there are any existing "entry promises" for a show & your breed, there will be a plus sign (+) after the show Day,
the one you click on to make an entry promise.
The Entry Promises page also displays the point count requirements for the appropriate Division for your breed.
At the bottom of that table, there is a link to a page with the point count requirementd for All Divisions.
You can see all of the specialties in your state(s) for all breeds.
Select the very last option under "Choose Your Breed", and select your states normally.
You will see only specialties (including group shows), for all breeds in the states you indicated.
You can also see all of the specialties in the country for your breed.
Select your breed normally, and then enter "XX" for the first state.
Entering 'XX' for all states also works for most performance events,
excluding Obedience, Rally, Agility for which the list would be too long.
In case you haven't noticed, actual entry breakdown numbers are displayed for closed shows.
Currently, these are being shown for MB-F, Onofrio, Bradshaw & Roy Jones shows.
The entry breakdown will appear in the Breed Judge column, preceeding the judge's name.
Please let me know if there are any problems with this for your breed.
(This is considered an "Advanced Feature", and is available for members only.)
You can view the entry size for past shows.
Click on the show club name. If past entry counts are available, there will be an option to "See Past Results".
For some shows, you can also click on the entry count to see the actual results.
If you click on the show city, you will be linked to MapQuest for that city.
You can find routes to the show, and even motels and other local businesses.
We recommend Mozilla Firefox as a browser for ShowDays, and there is a reason for this.
ShowDays uses a long table (matrix) for the main show list and for other things. IE (internet explorer) doesn't display a table/matrix until the entire table has been received. Firefox, on the other hand, displays the table as it is being received. This means with Firefox you will begin to see the data much sooner. Plus in general, we feel that Firefox is faster and more robust. Firefox is free - go to and download it.
From any show report, you can link directly to the point schedule for the breeds on the report.
Just click on the breed name in the light blue heading line. From there you can check the point schedule for any other breed.

If you want to share tips with other users, email them to us.