Notes on Printing your Show Report
The main problem in printing reports is that the data is too wide for a page and your system tries to cram it all onto a page. Sometimes the result is messy. There are a few things to do about this:
  1   Make the letter size (font) as small as possible.
You control this via your browser. There should be an option for text size under "view". This is different for different browsers.
  2   Print in "landscape" mode rather than "portrait" mode.
You control this through the "properties" box in your print control panel (pops up when you click "print").
  3   You may need to reduce the number of columns.
For example, print without the "BIS Judge" column, or even without the "group judge" column if you have several breed columns.
  4   You might want to keep separate saved searches - one for on-line analysis and another with less information (fewer columns) for printing.
Using a spreadsheet with ShowDays:
  Some people have found it useful to copy and paste the report to a Word or spreadsheet document for printing. That way you get better control over the font size, and margin size, and you can delete anything you don't need on paper before printing. Most feel that Word works better than a spreadsheet.
To copy:
  • Select everything you want to print.
  • Hit Ctl-C.
  • Go to the (blank) document where you want to paste.
  • Position the cursor where you want to material to show up.
  • Hit Ctl-V
  • Browser Note:
      We recommend Mozilla Firefox as a browser for ShowDays, and there is a reason for this. ShowDays uses a long table (matrix) for the main show list and for other things. IE (internet explorer) doesn't display a table/matrix until the entire table has been received. Firefox, on the other hand, displays the table as it is being received. This means with Firefox you will begin to see the data much sooner. Plus in general, we feel that Firefox is faster and more robust. Firefox is free - go to and download it.
    If you have any other suggestions, please let me know and I'll post them here.