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See Breed-Specific Links - The American Kennel Club
AKC Conformation Point Schedule
AKC Events & Results Search
AKC Store - for Point Progression Report
Canadian Shows
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
CKC Event Calendar
Canuck Dogs - Events by Region
British Shows
The Kennel Club
Other Registries
United Kennel Club (UKC)
International Canine Kennel Club (ICKC)
Internatl All-Breed Canine Assoc (IABCA)
Judge Sites
American Dog Show Judges
Canadian Dog Show Judges
Australian Dog Show Judges
Australia/NZ Dog Show Judges
World Dog Judges - Site DJ info
World Dog Judges - Site DSJ
U.S. Dog Show Superintendents
BaRay Event Services, Inc.
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
Roy Jones Dog Shows
MB-F Infodog
Onofrio Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Shows
Foy Trent Dog Shows
Dog Show Secretaries
British Dog Show Superintendents
Higham Press
Fosse Data
U.S. Regional Events
Northwest Dog Links
Arizona Dog Fanciers
Resource for Dog Events and Clubs
Others - Misc. - PDF form for Show Entries
Canine Health Sites
The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)
The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
- Includes Eye Registry (formerly CERF)
The Canine Health Foundation (CHF)
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
The Morris Animal Foundation - Research
VetGen - Genetic Services
OptiGen - DNA Research for Progressive Retinol Atrophy
Canine Cystinuria - Genetic Defect resulting in Urinary Stones
Pythiosis in Dogs - chronic GI or cutaneous infection
Lab with serum for treatment -
Cushing's Disease in Dogs - Discussion Email Lists:
Addison's Disease in Dogs - Discussion Email Lists:
AddisonDogs   K9Addison
Inherited Disorders - listed by breed
Canine Dental Information "Do Dogs Teeth Fall Out?" etc.
Mars Veterinary DNA Testing - incl. Breed Determination
Vet Tech Schools & Online Vet Tech Programs - listed by state