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Mr. Lee Brown [6548] Harahan, LA
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DateRtgDisplay NameBreed(s)
May 29, 2016ColliesCollie
He did not touch heads nor looked at expression. He judged the dogs like any other breed where the heads aren't so important.
Jun 30, 20142anonymousWorking
Does not understand movement in the working breeds
Sep 8, 20134Therding
Judges the dogs - what a breath of fresh air! Would show to anytime
Mar 27, 2008by Sys Admin for Lee Brown
From the judge -> I have built an excellent reputation for being an honest and not a political judge. I judge the dogs and not the owners or handlers. If I gave multiple awards to dogs from the same handler, and I know that happens at times, that's because that person had the best dogs in my opinion.
Nov 10, 20071annonymousWorking
Appeared very political. Put up the same handler over and over again in the classes, even though she did not always have the best dog. Very dissapointed in the judging.
Oct 31, 20075Victory German ShepherdsGerman Shepherd
Knows the standard, movement and breed type. Judges the dogs, not the handlers. Will put up owner handled and juniors.

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