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Mr. Danny J. Bussard [38416] San Antonio, TX
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DateRtgDisplay NameBreed(s)
Dec 19, 2012ANONYMOUSPomeranian
I don't think he can judge for himself. Puts up whatever he saw win the day before, unless he recognizes someone from his area (who can get him a judging assignment).
Dec 3, 20123Owner HandlerChihuahuas
Very pleasant to show to and very gentle with the dogs. I really couldn't tell what he was looking for in the classes. But you could tell he was only interested in the handlers in the breed competition. Don't think I'll give him another entry until I've seen him judge my breed again.
Nov 6, 20125Kathryn Manchester
Light touch. Patient. Looking for movement.
Oct 23, 20124Robin GatesManchesters
Mr Bussard was very gentle with the puppies. He was most interested in movement and moved the dogs a couple of times before making a decision. He does not examine a dog on the table head to tail but instead examines only the front end. My guess is he knows what he needs to know from the movement. I will show to him again.
Mar 28, 20125Iggie ObserverItalian Greyhounds and other toy breeds
Mr. Bussard is one of the new talents. As far as I'm concerned he is right on with the IGs. I also observed some of the other breeds. Chins, Paps, Pugs. Clearly he is judging "breeding stock" and not the people on the other end of the lead. Never seen such a young judge immune from politics. I expect to see him judging every weekend at shows from Maine to California as soon as word gets out.
Sep 11, 20081anonymouspapillon and various toys
Did not care for his picks. Roaching is unacceptable in a papillon, gues he does know what it is? He was recently approved to judge paps., but is another new judge who needs guidance. I hate to see new judges approved who have no clue of the breed, and we pay them to judge our dogs? Another new judge who could really benefit from having his hands on the dog from an experienced breed mentor. It really is unacceptable, and so disappointing to see this happening!

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