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Mrs. Michelle Scott [27486] PUSLINCH, ON N0B 2J
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DateRtgDisplay NameBreed(s)
Apr 8, 20161Working
Hey, Mrs Scott we are in the ring too! Even tho we are O/H, we too would like our dogs to be looked at while in your ring with P/H.
May 9, 20154Patty HarbisonLakeland Terriers
An addition to yesterday's comment: I have learned from a Canadian friend that Ms. Scott used to breed Lakelands. And recognizes a good one when she sees it. THAT is why she was so happy that I made it to the ring... She was hoping for the chance to look at this increasingly rare breed. And she liked what she saw, because my girl is a good one. Shame on the anonymous poster who slammed Ms. Scott, and slammed my dog's placement. Bad sportsmanship and slander is NOT attractive.
May 8, 20154Patty HarbisonLakeland Terriers
I believe I am the person called a "friend" of Ms. Scott by another poster who slammed her for overly-fast judging of the "non--fluffy" breeds. I was in fact very late to her ring (the previous group had a total entry of TWO and I misjudged the time it would take) and I did receive a placement. She did say to me, "Glad you made it!" This is not "chatting it up with friends." I have never met the woman before in my life. We are not friends. I am a nobody. It seemed to me like she judged EVERYONE very very fast. I know there are times when politics decides who gets a placement. This was not one of those times. It's just laughable to me that someone should think my girl's placement was because of cronyism. Oh, and BTW: the O/H group winner was a Border, hardly "fluffy",and second was a late-arriving SFT. We were all late because the first 2 groups took less than 10 minutes to judge.
May 7, 20152RedstaffTerriers
If judging the terriers group it's wise to know what each breed is and their standards. She completely ignored all bull breeds yet chatted it up with friends even went as far as saying to one person who came in the ring very late - so glad you made it I was thinking you would miss my Group - then gave her a placement. She never watched the non fluffy breeds move at all and was very quick on the 'exam' for those as well practically ignoring them from her choices in a very obvious manner. I found this extremely dismissive and rude. If you don't like a breed at least judge it according to its standard or if you don't know it's standard then look at balance, structure, movement.

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