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The basic function of this site is to produce a report of upcoming dog shows, listing the judges for just your desired breed.
Click on the underlined portion of each feature to get a more detailed description plus Instructions for Use.

There are many additional Basic Features (Free):
  • Track Entry Promises for upcoming shows - build majors, etc.
  • Optional display of Group, Jr Handling & Obedience judges.
  • Reports for all Performance Events.
        - Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, Herding, Hunting, etc.
  • Multiple Breeds on a Report.
  • Multiple States on a Report.
  • View All Shows in All States for One Week.
  • Can list Specialties for All States.
  • Link to informational Show Pages - AKC, Infodog, Show Super
  • Link to Judges' Pages - AKC or Infodog.
  • Link to Mapquest for the show city.
  • Links to Show Club Web Sites
  • Special "Variety Check" to compare judges for varieties.
  • Notation of Judge Changes.
  • Entry Fee Column & Indoor/Outdoor Column
  • Special Show Information Space - Promote your Show
  • Public Comments about Clubs & Show Sites
  • Special Competitions Notation - "Best Puppy" etc.
  • Special Events - Seminars, Clinics, Fun Matches, etc.
  • Availability of Judge Ratings and Shared Comments
          including Ratings and Shared Notes from Judge Experts.
  • View Judge Photos for most judges
  • View the Point Schedule for your Breed
  • Canadian Shows - view Shows in Canada by province
  • UKC Shows - include United Kennel Club Shows (optional)
  • Breed Central - community pages for each Breed
  • ShowDays Forums - various dog show related Topics

  • Virtual Dog Show Booths - Online Shopping
  • Links to On-Line Breed-Specific Magazines
  • Handlers' Directory by Region
  • Handling Classes by State

    See FAQ's and Instructions for Getting Started. Click Here.

  • Advanced Features include:
  • Saving your Report Searches/Queries.
        - Unlimited number of Months on a Report.
        - Unlimited number of States on a Report.
  • Personal Show List (including past shows).
  • Personal Historical Record of your shows.
  • Personal Show Notations - entry status, results, etc.
  • Personal Club Notations - reminders for next time
  • Private Judge Notations & History (color-coded).
        * both Summary & Detail records
  • Personal Events - other personal schedule items
  • Judge History of Past Assignments & Results.
  • Judge Rating System indicate your opinion of Judges.
  • Judge Rankings based on ShowDays users judge ratings.
  • Public Notes on Judges See what others say.
  • Show Closing Reminders via Email.
  • Email Notification of Judging Changes
  • Entry Counts for Closed Shows - on Show Report.
  • Breakdown Counts from past years shows.
        * convenient table for just your breed.
  • Auto-Add Shows to you Personal Show List
        * maintain a list of favorite clubs
  • Show Day Work Sheets - Your Ring Schedule
  • Find Future Assignments for your Favorite Judges
  • Text Message Notification of Entry Breakdowns
  • Ability to List Past Shows by State with Judges
  • Links to Results from Past Shows.
  • Filter Show Reports for ONLY Jr Show, Obed, Rally, Agility.
  • Share Notes with Friends
  • New! Compare Judge Panels by Day

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  • There is a 30-day free trial for the Advanced Features.
    After that, a payment is required.

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    We promise to answer all emails.

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