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Check out the "Tips of the Day" for some of your answers.
There is also a page on "Printing the Show Report".
See the List of Features - many of the features are explained in detail on a secondary page.
How do I get started?
Getting Started
  1. First, Create a User ID. (If you already have one, just be sure to log in.)
  2. Go to the "Basic Features" page, also called the "Breed Selection" page, or the "Create a New Report" page.
  3. Follow the instructions there - select a breed (or a performance event) and enter your states.
    (One state goes in each box - NY for New York, CA for California, etc..)
  4. If you want to save this report, click the "Save Query" option to "yes".
  5. The click the "Create a Report" button

Note: In order to use the Advanced Features from the "Saved Searches" page, you must first save one or more searches from the "Basic Features" page.

How do I create a Report for Performance Events?
From the "Breed Selection" page - the performance events are listed at the end of the selection list for breeds. Proceed as if doing a reoprt for a breed, but select your Performance Event.
What if the text on my screen is too large? (or too small)
Changing text size
See "Tips of the Day" - first item.
How do I look at Specialties only?
You can view all of the specialties in the country for your breed, without the all-breed shows. Just enter 'xx' as a state.
You can see regular shows for selected states plus specialties for all states on the same report. Just enter your states, plus 'xx' as a state.
Note: that Group shows (Limited Breed) will be included in the specialty list.
How do you recommend using Private Judge Notes?
There are two kinds of judge notes - Summary & Detail. The Summary note (color-coded) appears on the show report every time the judge's name is displayed. Keep the Summary Note short - just a brief reminder of what you know or think about this judge. Use the color to make each note stand out. Put your longer comments in the detail note. Most people put one (or more) line for every time you have shown to that judge. Start with the show & date. You might put a longer comment at the beginning which goes into more detail about your overall impression. If there is a detail note for a judge, a symbot ([+]) will appear after the judge's name. Click on this symbol to see the detail notes.
How do I receive Show Closing Reminders?
All you have to do is add the shows to your Personal Show List. For all shows on your personal list, a reminder will be sent via email a week or so before the closing date. (default - 8 days) The reminders will go to the email address you have on file. So be sure you have the right email address on file with ShowDays. You can specify when you want to receive the closing reminders - how many days before show closing. (For how to change your email address or control when to receive closing reminders - see the next item.)
How do I update my membership parameters?
On the Saved Searches page, below the main table, and on the Create a Report page, in the left hand column, there is a function to "edit" your user data. This data includes your member name, your kennel name, and your email address. You can also control how many days before closing you want to receive your Show Closing Reminders.
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